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Boost results in your workplace by giving your people the knowledge and tools to help them understand and leverage diversity.

Experience a Click! Colours Interactive Workshop

Click! Colours workshops are tailored to suit your needs.

  • Why do you Click with some people and others drive you CRAZY!

  • Do you find there are some people you get along with straight away? 

  • Are there others you find very annoying?


This workshop will give you the tools and knowledge to help you understand why people behave the way they do, and help you build relationships, improve your communication skills, and identify your personal potential.

This high-content and interactive learning program will provide powerful insights into human behaviour that will help you boost both individual and team performance.


Why Click! Colours?

Why do you Click with some people and others drive you CRAZY!

Do you find there are some people you get along with straight away? 

Are there others you find very annoying?

Relationships, Relationships, Relationships. Click! Colours Education helps colleagues to build relationships quick, by understanding what makes people tick!

"Andy, your session hit the mark! As you know my unexpected, lengthy sick leave I had to take last year off and left my staff somewhat disconnected and fractious. I needed to bring my staff back together, foster collegiality and build more positive relationships - your session did all of this in a fun, safe and engaging way. Thank you".

Lisa Fletcher, Principal, Secret Harbour PS.

They are used all over the world by companies such as Chevron, BHP Billiton, Johnson & Johnson and McDonald's to improve relationships, communication, teamwork, leadership and decision-making.

The Click! Colours Education will offer your school a better, faster, cheaper and easier way to help colleagues understand and value diversity in their staff rooms.

  • 1-3hr after school 'staff meeting' sessions

  • 2-3hr Professional Learning Day Workshops

  • from 6 to 60 participants 

The Click format and understanding of the importance relationships play in everyday life is suited to Yr 10+ students.  Building relationships and understanding how to communicate to people with varied personalities is a key employability skill for all senior students to be aware of.

View the Video Clip:

The Click! Colours Discovery Cards

Each employee will receive their own set of Click Cards to use on the day and to take away and refer to at a later date​.

Client businesses have commented how the cards are used weekly by employees looking at how to get the best out of individuals.

These cards RRP $20 per set.


"The Click! Colours session went exceptionally well. We had 160 people up and enthusiastically involved. There was lots of positive feedback about the value of the session and the Discovery Cards. A great tool that was perfectly suited to the format."

Andrew Huffer

"Great teams - be they leadership teams, project teams, or natural work teams - are built on trust and understanding. The Click! Colours will help you leverage diversity to build great teams both at work and at home."

Isikeli Taureka

"We now have a better understanding on how to connect and improve relationships across the team."

Martine Forrester


Download our 2018 Corporate Click! Colours Leadership Development Guide


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