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Make Happiness Part of your School


Kids need to learn to recognise and manage their negative and positive emotions. They learn the value of accepting themselves as they are and appreciating others. They are taught to calm themselves by deep breathing and other techniques, and discover that three 20-minute bouts of exercise a week have the same effect on raising the spirit and avoiding depression.

In Australia today, we have exam instruction, rather than the education of the whole person. This is as unnecessary as it is unkind. We need educational environments that develop all the intelligences of every student. Happiness Co Pillars and workshops for teacher, and the virtual classrooms for students will prove to be a vital addition to any school's offerings for the well being of its whole school community.

Relating to others is fundamental because nothing is a greater source of joy, nor of anguish, than human relationships. Students learn how to foster friendships that nourish them and avoid those which are destructive. Good relationships are crucial not only in families but also in the workplace.

We cover a few Happiness pillar topics, including:

1. What does it mean to be Happy? 

2. Relationships and Connection

3. Anxiety to Happy

4. How to be a better friend

5. Happiness and Bullying

6. Resilience and Empowerment

7. Contribution ​


What we offer Staff

We will adapt to the time you have to work with - our sessions best suit the following at optimal times for your school;

  • 1 hour session after school

  • 3 hour session on PD days

Following a conversation around our Happiness Pillars and outcomes with our Workplace Happiness team, they will recommend which pillars will impact your team the most.

These pillars then take approximately an hour each to deliver on. All elements are of course flexible to your requirements.

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What we offer Students

Our student programs are designed with relevance and engagement as their main attributes.

Following a conversation around outcomes with our Happiness edU team, they will recommend which pillars will impact your students the most. 

All elements are of course flexible to your requirements.

To find out more about Happiness Co and discover what workshops, talks and inspiration they can bring to you school, get in touch so we can tailor a program specific to your needs.

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