Click! Colours Services


from 6 - 30 participants

Group Training Workshops

  • Department Teams

  • Cross-Departmental Groups

  • Leadership Teams

Time: 90mins - 3hrs

Andy BarrettabcEd Principal will help you plan customised workshops for your office, site and project teams.  

Engaging and fun

Click! Colours Conferences

Fun, informative and highly interactive conference presentations using the Click! Colours concept tailored to your theme.

Topics addressed include interpersonal skills, relationships, leadership, teamwork, understanding conflict and team building, networking, customer service, personal and professional development and community building.

A Click! Colours session makes a great conference 'kick-off' activity or ice-breaker that delegates will rave about for ages.

Andy BarrettabcEd Principal will facilitate a fun and engaging Click! Colours session help make your next conference an outstanding event.

Understanding team members

Individual Leadership Development

Building relationships and understanding employee strengths and personality traits does not always come easy to leaders.

These tailored one-on-one Click! Colours coaching sessions will be a vital self-awareness and development opportunity.

Each individual session assists emerging leaders, technical leaders and team members to understand their personalities whilst enhancing communication and productivity.

Andy BarrettabcEd Principal will help you choose customised leadership programs to meet your needs. 


Download our 2018 Corporate Click! Colours Leadership Development Guide