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Workshop Goals

  • to have the school staff understanding themselves and colleagues better

  • to improve communication

  • to improve collaboration

  • to make all staff approachable, knowing the things that make their colleagues tick, but also know what annoys them too – so they approach situations in a different way

  • to understand parent personalities and ways to manage them


Staffroom Dynamics

  • Why do you Click with some people and others drive you CRAZY!

  • Do you find there are some people you get along with straight away? 

  • Are there others you find very annoying?

Relationships, Relationships, Relationships. Staff Room Dynamics helps colleagues to build relationships quick, by understanding what makes people tick!

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Training On-Site

We can come to your school and deliver whole staff training, as well as working with smaller department teams who maybe going through conflict.

  • 1-3hr after school 'staff meeting' sessions

  • 2-3hr Professional Learning Day Workshops

  • from 6 to 60 participants 

Download the Staff Room Dynamics Brochure Here:


"Andy, your session hit the mark! As you know my unexpected, lengthy sick leave I had to take last year off and left my staff somewhat disconnected and fractious. I needed to bring my staff back together, foster collegiality and build more positive relationships - your session did all of this in a fun, safe and engaging way. Thank you".

Lisa Fletcher, Principal, Secret Harbour PS.

Download our abcEd Staffroom Dynamics Program Guide