Finding the best information

Do you even know how to Google?


Staff and Student Google search workshops: STEM(i), Web Literacy, Beyond the first page of Google.

The real revolution in schools in the coming years is not technology.  It's information and who knows how to access the best information.  A simple skill like knowing how to get the most from a search engine will improve critical thinking skills and create more independent learners. 

  • Do you seem to get back similar homework responses from students?

  • When researching, do you know how to validate the information?

  • How can we use simple tools to enhance class learning, deepen information and broaden ours and our students' knowledge?

abcEd can come to your school to do workshops for both staff and students on how best to Google and use search engine features.

  • Knowing where to get the best information (for marking and for assignments) 

  • What to type into the search bar?

  • How to find the source of information?

  • Do you know how to use the 'Advanced settings'?

Most people think they can Google.....most people are wrong.  Students and teachers can be empowered to take their learning to ever deeper levels while developing essential skills that will prepare them for success in the 21st century.

abcEd can tailor a Google Workshop for your school in 2018 get in touch to find out more.

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