Pivot PL

Get in touch with abcEd to find out more about using surveys in your school that help inform and guide professional learning goals for teachers


Quick and Easy

Simple does not need to mean simplistic.  With a light touch, cost effective process we are able to deliver a meaningful picture.
Surveys can be done at any time in the school year and take, on average, five minutes to complete. Results are available immediately after your survey cycle closes to ensure that teachers can begin to effect change in their classrooms.
Our classroom observations requires no timetabling interruptions, and is teacher-led to ensure maximum impact.


The Right Data

Unlike other surveys on the market, our teachers receive reports that are broken down by class, because we know this information is important.  Classes are different, for all sorts of reasons.
School leaders receive whole-of-school and departmental summary reports which reveal meaningful insights about the strengths of their teaching team, and focus areas for growth.
We work with networks, governments and peak bodies to provide an accurate picture of what is happening in their classrooms.


How does the Pivot PL approach work?

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Contact Pivot

Pivot PL is now working with schools in Western Australia.  Contact Andy at abcEd about getting Pivot PL surveys at your school.

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